Saturday, November 18, 2017

My HP Shabby Vintage Chic Roses Fauxdori Cover Tutorial Part Three and Tags Collage Sheet

Hello Friends!!
I am so excited to be playing with a Junk Journal!
I have part my Part Three Tutorial that you can watch on 
or embeded below!

I have also created Two Collage Sheet Sets that I plan on using in my journal.  You can find them in my New 
Junk Journal Section of my Etsy Shop here
(it's pretty bare at the

You just click the little heart that says favorite shop....I will get a notification and send you the set!
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My Hand painted Fauxdori Travelers Notebook Cover Tutorials

Hello Friends!!
I have decided to start a Traveler's Notebook Journal.
Picked up a blank one at the store and decided to paint the cover and get started.  Maybe...just maybe by January it will be ready to write
Here is my Cover!  Yay!!
Couple more photos...
Closed Front
Close up of back
Here is my first tutorial for the cover
Painting the background.
Watch it below or on

 Watch Part 2 below
or on Youtube here.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Shabby Chic hp Pink Roses Christmas Advent Calendar

Hello Friends!
I have finally finished my Christmas Advent Calendar.
Here are a couple close ups
Close up of the right of my Calendar
Another Close Up
Close up of the other side
The Top
Left side close
Close up of the Numbers

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